Agile Quality Assurance Practices Survey

joi, 2 iunie 2011

Are you involved in an agile software development project? If so, I need your help. I've created a survey called Agile Quality Assurance Practices Survey which is part of my research for Master of Business Information Systems dissertation thesis. The research aims to validate the hypothesis that agile software development practices enable quality assurance in a project. This is the reason for which this survey is addressed to agile software development practitioners.
In answering the questions, please refer to the largest agile IT project you were involved in or to the one in which you had the greatest accountability.

The survey results will be published in my dissertation thesis and here, on my blog. Also, I will provide them on demand (e-mail me at simina[dot]schifirnet[at]gmail[dot]com).

Also, please resend the link to this survey to your colleagues and friends working in agile projects.

Thank you!

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